Global Genome Informatics Certificate Program

The Genome Education (TGE) is a special initiative by Bionivid Technology Pvt. Ltd to develop, design and execute basic and advanced learning programs for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. Through TGE we aim to enable students, research scholars, research faculties and clinicians to understand, learn and build expertise in handling Genomics “BIG DATA”. Under TGE initiative, Bionivid is proud to introduce Global Genome Informatics Certificate Program (GGI).

GGI is specifically designed for developing skills and enhancing career of students with Engineering / Post Graduate degree in the field of Biotechnology / LifeScience or other allied sciences. GGI is a combination of theory and technology aided practical platforms for hands-on learning experience. GGI is rigorous and challenging program where only 15 intensely dedicated and motivated participants will be selected on merit. GGI will cover indepth training and exposure to the aspects of basic and applied Genomics, Statistics, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Management, Data Analytics and Critical Thinking. In short, GGI will essentially provide technical perspective and advanced level training to manage and analyze Genomics “BIG DATA” and providing a very high profile and lucrative career of Genomics DATA SCIENTIST to the students. GGI will not just enhance your skills as Genomics DATA SCIENTIST but 100% guaranteed placement will ASSURE a great start to your CAREER

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Bionivid Global Genome Informatics Certificate Program

This 6 month full time certificate program will be delivered by Globally renowned Genome Informatics experts from Bionivid Technology. Guest speakers will include visionaries from Genomics industry and eminent scientists from reputed research institutes.