Alumni Speak

  • Having a background of wet lab, moving to this was totally a different experience. Realizing the importance of biology and interesting facts about interpreting results of the analysis in biological terms was awesome.
    Dr. Roli - GGI 1st Batch
  • After B. Tech, when I was confused about my career I came to know about this course and after joining I realized that I made the right decision.
    Prerana Koti - GGI 1st Batch
  • A course which has changed my outlook towards genomics, made it interesting and motivating. Learning was never this fun. Thanks to Team Bionivid
    Ankita Singh - GGI 1st Batch
  • Being a microbiologists and coming from wet lab it was a completely different field, but it was made interesting and now I am confident about the fruitful career.
    Shruti Patil - GGI 1st Batch
  • I had a great hands-on experience and now I am sure that I can handle Genomics BIG Data confidently.
    Aishwarya V Subramaninan - GGI 1st Batch
  • This coursae is going to give you a promising career to achieve your goal as I have experienced.
    Susweta Das- GGI 1st Batch
  • Its always a challenge for students to get industrial experience being a part of educational institutes. Bionivid GGI has truly overcome this problem. It has removed a tag of "fresher" and at the end of 6 months you come out as a professional Genomics DATA SCIENTIST who can easily start his professional career in Genomics or can even pursue academic research in India or Abroad
    - Chirag Parsania
  • You want to know how far can 6 months of your life take you? It has taken me to China. Invest 6 months of your life for GGI and expect a career opportunity you never imagined
    - Mayur Diwate
  • Being accepted for GGI has been one of my greatest achievement. The 6 months experience is something which will build a lot of confidence in you. You will start believing in yourself from just a student to a thorough professional. Your technical know-how on basic Genomics concept and advanced analytics will be unmatched and provide you a superlative edge in your career
    - Sudhir Jadhao
  • Best feature of GGI is working on a LIVE project. It's not just a simple internship but an intensive training experience which will prepare you to look Genomics Data from Biologists perspective and enhance your problem solving skills. Additionally, it will also develop your skills in client interaction, communication and team work. You will be truly "industry ready"
    - Devang Varia