Global Genome Informatics Certificate Program

The Genome Education (TGE) is a special initiative by Bionivid Technology Pvt. Ltd to develop, design and execute basic and advanced learning programs for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. Through TGE we aim to enable students, research scholars, research faculties and clinicians to understand, learn and build expertise in handling Genomics “BIG DATA”. Under TGE initiative, Bionivid is proud to introduce Global Genome Informatics Certificate Program (GGI).

Skill development is something which has hogged a lot of limelight in recent past. Finding qualified candidates, training them in some of the hottest skill-sets, making them a “plug-n-play” resource; ready for the demands of job market. With five successfully completed batches in a little over two years and around 30+ students placed in various national and international level research institutes, The Global Genome Informatics Program is slowly and steadily on track of its mission of changing the overall research and industry placement paradigm in the life science sector within our country.

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Bionivid Global Genome Informatics Certificate Program

This 6 Months full time certificate program will be delivered by Globally renowned Genome Informatics experts from Bionivid Technology. Guest speakers will include visionaries from Genomics industry and eminent scientists from reputed research institutes.