About Us

Bionivid – A Genome “IT” company

Bionivid is an innovation driven, pioneer Genome Informatics company based in Bangalore, India. Having worked extensively with key stake holders involved in Genomics based technology, Bionivid today is at the centre of Genomics ecosystem which includes:

  • Premier academic research institutes in India (IISc, JNU, JNCASR, etc) and abroad (NUS, Singapore / UKM, Malaysia / Umass Medical School, USA, etc)
  • Industrial R&D centres (ITC, Reliance Industries Limited, etc)
  • Technology companies (Illumina, Pacific Biosciences, etc),
  • Genomics Services companies (Macrogen, Clevergene, Sandor Lifesceince, etc)
  • IT Giants (Dell, SAP, etc) and Clinical Genomics companies (Medgenome, Strand Life Science, etc).

Our contribution to the Genomics ecosystem has resulted in 30+ co-authored publications and have developed niche and innovative solutions like Genome Stations (indigenous, powerful and specialized workstations / server / HPC solution for Genomics data analysis), Gstack (World’s 1st Genomics cloud storage solution, developed exclusively for storing and managing NGS project data), SQDB (An interactive google like resource database to mine and interpret pre-analyzed RNA-Seq and small RNA data), SQIT (Open source based but biologist friendly NGS data analytics software package).

The major challenge faced by the Genomics ecosystem today is the availability of trained manpower / human resource to understand and interpret Genomics “BIG DATA” Today hundreds of positions for Genomics “Data Scientist” available in India and hundred thousand positions globally in the Genomics ecosystem mentioned above. Bionivid through their Genome Education initiative and Global Genome Informatics certificate program is creating the trained and skilled human resource to fill this huge and discernible gap in the Genomics ecosystem and provide opportunity to Biotechnology / Lifesceince / Bioinformatics students pursue todays most prolific and in-demand career of Genomics DATA SCIENTIST.